Horses have a natural fight-or-flight defense mechanism which is more sensitive when they are sick or  injured.  Even routine veterinary procedures can be scary because the horse doesn’t experience them often enough to get used to them and sometimes they are unpleasant or invasive.

Dr. Geertsema has a deep respect, appreciation, and fondness for horses and it shows in how they respond to him.  He has a good way of handling them and they relax allowing him to examine and treat them in an easy manner. He has 12 of his own, and, in his spare time, you’ll find him exploring the back-country on horseback.

The mission at Hermen Geertsema Equine Services Inc. is to provide practical and effective veterinary care for your horse. Situated in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Dr. Geertsema serves clients with a range of veterinary equine services throughout the lower mainland, Fraser Valley, and provides out-of-town equine vet service.

‘Striving for Excellence in Veterinary Care’

Contact us at: hgeertsema@shaw.ca

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