aboutHaving grown up in farming and ranching communities across the Prairies and Ontario, Dr. Hermen Geertsema decided he was going to be a horse veterinarian when he was only nine years old.

From a large family, Hermen worked hard to earn scholarships and pay his own way through university. He graduated from farrier school between university degrees.  Shoeing not only helped to fund his education but benefited Hermen greatly in his knowledge of equine lameness – both in diagnosis and treatment.

Graduating from the University of Guelph, Ontario, family convinced Hermen to move west where he started his own veterinary practice in 1995. He brought with him a down-to-earth, practical, and respectful side of working with horses, which he’s known for in the equine community.

Hermen enjoys taking his equine veterinary practice outside of the lower mainland to communities which often don’t have a veterinarian nearby.

Providing out-of-town vet service allows Hermen the opportunity to explore more of British Columbia’s outdoors.

cattle_driveLiving in Aldergrove with his wife, four children, two dogs, and 12 horses, Hermen continues to enjoy an avid outdoors lifestyle and serve his equine clients in the lower mainland and Fraser Valley. In his off time, Hermen enjoys riding and packing horses into BC’s various mountain terrains.

Hermen has also trained in Search and Rescue and is interested in using horses to track people lost in the woods. He has experience and training in Large Animal Technical Rescue, and has worked in conjunction with local first responders in handling large animal emergencies. He is also a member of the Canadian Veterinary Reserve, a government agency that works with animals in case of natural disasters or disease outbreaks.

Hermen’s main veterinary interests include lameness (especially as pertains to the feet), dentistry, and performance issues. He also has extensive experience in breeding management and equine nutrition.