Nutrition & Feed Programs

Like people, horse breeds vary in temperament and metabolism, so the same food will not serve all horses. The first place to start when determining what feed program your horse suits is to assess your horse’s metabolism. To do this, Dr. Geertsema examines your equine’s:

  • weight
  • condition of coat, skin and hoof
  • teeth
  • age
  • behaviour

equine_nutrition2A dull coat and flaky hoof can be signs of inadequate protein and trace minerals in your horse’s diet. If your horse is chewing fences, you may not be feeding enough roughage.

Easy Keepers vs Thin Horses
Whether its genetics, stress, or a physiological situation, some horses are easier to keep than others. Dr. Geertsema can help you ensure easy keepers don’t overeat and help thin horses get the best nutrition suited to their environment.

Dr. Geertsema can tailor a feed program, without over-feeding calories, to your horse’s nutritional needs. All equine programs will vary and should be based on your equine’s age and activity level.